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Sergei Martirosov

Animation, Compositing, Rotoscoping.


My resume highlights two decades of  post-production work as animator, Compositing and Rotoscoping,  with long cell animation production experience. Projects I have worked on as Compositing, Rotoscoping or designer include:

 Feature Films and TV Shows: Mildred Pierce, 30 Rock, Treme, Salt, The Beaver, You Don’t Know Jack, Adjustment Bureau, 007: Quantum of Solace, Messenger, All Good Things, Bunheads, Entourage.

Animated TV Series: Wander Pets

Commercial campaigns: Nike, AT&T, McDonalds, Time Warner Cable, Chase, Best Buy, Macy's, Levi's, Budweiser, Toyota, Microsoft etc.


2015-……    ioggio co  –Web Development and Marketing

2013-2015   Alpha Arsenal –Web Development and Marketing

2012-2010   Curious Pictures - Compositing, Rotoscoping

                    Commercials: BC Milk,  RIF, Bratz

2011-2006   Brand New School - Compositing, Rotoscoping

                    Commercials: Time Warner Cable, Subway, IKEA, McDonalds, Walmart, 

                    Budweiser, Chevy, Chase, Hannaford, AT&T, Shield, Chili’s, Ritz, Toyota,

                    Blue, Cross Blue. 

2011-2009  Phosphene - Compositing, Rotoscoping

                   TV miniseries - Mildred Pierce

                    Feature films - Beaver, Adjustment Bureau, Salt, You Don’t Know Jack.

                   TV Series - Treme

2009-1993  Guerilla FX - Compositing, Rotoscoping

                   Feature film: The Messenger

                   MK12 Studios – Rotoscoping

                   Feature film: 007: Quantum of Solace  

                   Little Airplane – Designer

                   Animated TV Series: Wander Pets 

                   Nickelodeon Credit Crunch Dep. -- Art Director

                   Zander's Animation Parlour -- Head of Animation Production



OFD NY – TV Series: Bunheads, Entourage – Rotoscoping

AGT Productions – Feature film:All Good Things – Compositing, Rotoscoping

7 th Art – Documentary: Nakheel Harbor – Compositing, Rotoscoping

Digital Kitchen – Commercials: Microsoft, The NY Times, Levi’, Doves – Compositing, Rotoscoping

Eyeball NYC – Commercials: LG, Target, Best Buy, Southern Comfort – Rotoscoping                    

Shilo – Commercials: General Motors, Cartoon Network RAP, KNARR -- Compositing,        Rotoscoping              

Logan NY -- Commercials: COVERGIRL Looks Drew Barrymore, NFL -- Rotoscoping

Transistor Studios – Commercials: Dr. Pepper, AOL, Saturn, OXYGEN, Miller Beer --  Rotoscoping                   

Stardust Studios – Commercial: Trident, NIKE, MACY’s – Rotoscoping                   

Your Majesty – Commercial: American Express -- Rotoscoping

Trollback & Company – Documentary: Dennis Hopper: Biography, Tudor Girl  –  Rotoscoping

Pandapanther – Commercial: Nexxus – Rotoscoping

Flicker Lab – Commercials: Hooked On Phonics – Compositing, Rotoscoping

Idiot Box Productions – TV Show: AMY Show - TATTOO – Compositing, Rotoscoping

VH -1 Creative – TV Show: Divas 2004 – Rotoscoping

JWT – Commercial: MACY’s -- Rotoscoping



1992 – 1990    Moscow Film Academies – Film Production

1979 – 1984     Yerevan State University – Master’s Degree in Physics

The Links to the samples of my work could be found at:



Compositing, Animation, Rotoscoping

After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier



English, Russian, Armenian